Signature Totems Collection

OK – you already know how Tiny Little Totems can inspire you to live more through your core values and to create more of what you want in your life.

And I sincerely hope you did the work to find or fine-tune your top 3 core value drivers. It’s one of the most powerful and simple ways I know of aligning what you think, say and do on your life path, to create power and purpose for yourself.

The TLT Signature Collection was born out of my desire to give you a way to remember and focus on those values every day.

I designed a variety to of clean-lined, easy-to-wear totems with a single stone = a clear message of it’s assigned Super-Power in the shape of one word core value drivers.

So far I’ve created the 5 value drivers I hold dear in my life. They’re pretty universal, so it’s a good starting point. However, as you and the rest of the TLT community discovers more values that matter, I’ll be adding new stones to celebrate/indicate the new meanings.

So if you come up with one for you that you can’t find in the initial 5 available, email me and let me know what your word is. I’ll get back to you with a suggested stone we can use to make that Signature Totem for you. If you want you could even have your name as the founder of it :o)

How To Choose Your Signature Totems

Well – of course you can start with your core value words, see if there’s a totem already assigned to that (or very closely by meaning). You can choose to focus on one value at a time, and either get a single type of piece, or al the pieces just in that one stone.

Or you can focus on all your values at once, to compound their power.

I feel really weird trying to create guidelines for this, because all that matters is what you feel like is right for you at this time!

It’s OK to start out with one setup now, then come back later and pick some more. It’s also ok to get, say, 3 bracelets in 3 different stones and stack-wear them (can’t stack the rings as far as I can tell).

Or if you prefer, get all 5 pieces in the same stone and wear them together or in combos as and how you prefer on any given days.

As usual – no rules! Just ideas! It totally depends on how you like to wear your jewellery. Whatever empowers you – that’s the right way to do this :o)

Here are the Signature Totems and their meanings. When you’ve picked yours just proceed as usual.

If you’re unsure of the meaning of any of them email me.

If you have a value you feel pretty strongly about and you can’t find it here, email me to let me know what it is, what it means, and potentially what colour stone you feel would represent this value. I’ll get back to you to fine-tune the rest :o)

Make This a Very Special Gift

Any of the Tiny Little Totems would make a great gift for a friend, a colleague, family member, or *insert any other relationship/attention* you want to honour. Heck – a great gift for yourself too…

My TLT Signature collection pieces are actually a brilliant low-risk way to make someone feel very special. Because they’re neutral, easy-to-wear designs, but have a significant meaning already assigned to them. So you can even point the person the Super-Power page of the piece you choose for them.

IMHO (although I AM biased, and not humble) – a Signature Totem makes a much more special/individual/thoughtful gift than even flowers (maybe not chocolate)!

If you want to add a meaningful caring message, I’d be happy to write that in the shipping materials for you. OK – it’ll be in my own handwriting, so not sure how pretty it would look, but it’ll definitely score 10 on the “personal touch” scale ;o)

As an aside – if you decide to gift a ring – make sure you either know the person’s ring size, or get them an adjustable ring so you don’t need to worry about getting it wrong.

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