Totems by Collection

Full-bodied design that isn’t shy with its opulence. A full-on statement. Any colour and any direction goes.

Totems meant to make you feel RICH, not in money terms, but in all the other resources we seem to overlook when judging our success in life: abundance in love, in heart, self sufficiency, ideas, hard work, care…

What do you want to feel “rich” about? Name it and get a pair to fit (she says with zero reservation about self promoting… :o)

These are elegant and minimalistic designs. Simple lines – BUT not in a “shy & retiring” way. This is about – you know you’re in flow and you know where you’re headed.

I’ve left the large Baroque pearls to speak for themselves. If you’re like me – the right pearls will “talk” to you right away. Not weird – just a connection with the beauty Mother Nature creates…

As the name says – the designs here are big and bold. They’re about style AND visibility

Some of you may be weary of “going big” in life… maybe you start with big earrings, and that leads to BIG things elsewhere? Just sayin’…

LOVE is my primary core value – it filters everything I feel, say or do. 

And this collection honours this coveted symbol – the heart. 

All pieces in here will have an overt or hidden heart element, reminding you to always come to life from a place of LOVE.

The pieces in the Journey collection are all a single piece of metal – uninterrupted

They’re either bulky or gentle. But they’re always flowing just like our journey of life and IN life

Pick the one that takes you by the hand and go with that. You can always come back for another :o)

Beautiful creations with Fresh Water Pearls as the star of the “show”. I use all sizes of pearls including Peacocks and Baroques

There’s something elegant, but quirky and entirely unique in each fresh water pearl – that’s what I love about them.

For you – if you feel like a touch of class, feminine strength or softness, and an under or over-stated elegance :o)

All about the shapes here. I have a few more Totems ready for this collection. The shapes should intrigue you and pull you in. 

You should look at them and wonder about a different aspect of them each time you lock eyes :o) I can’t wait to share the rest…

Be ready to be noticed (for all the right reasons)!

The Totems in this Collections sport a multitude of different colour stones. The mood should be fun and playful, with elegance and joy. As usual no rules of symmetry apply.

I’m not supposed to have favorites… I LOVE love these little guys. They just come to life through my hands. The metal takes me where it wants to go. Sometimes the names are obvious…

All the Totems here are WEIRD! So if you’re looking to have fun with something NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE – here is your lot :o)