Product Safety - a Few Things to Consider

I wanted to add this section not to alarm you, but to help you take care of yourself. 

While I, of course, take every care to source quality materials, there are some things you’d need to be aware of for yourself because these will be specific to you or of concern to rare few, rather than the norm. 

Also, some of these things are outside of my control, as absolutely verifying trail of origin is either not possible, or the time required will push the prices up.

If you need to make sure about anything specifically – please email me before you purchase.

So here it goes…

Lead Content

I don’t like lead in my environment, so I take care to source lead free materials as much as possible. If you’re super-sensitive though – please assume I can’t guarantee no lead.

Typically lead may be in the tiny filler beads I use if they’re made of glass.


Same as with lead. I try my best to eliminate them, and there’s no reason for them to be in what I make. But I can’t guarantee 100% absence.

Copper & Brass Reactivity & Other Metal Sensitivities

Copper and Brass are naturally occurring metals. They’re attractive in every state of oxidation, but can react with your skin’s acidity and leave green residue. 

You’re likely to already know if you react to copper that way, please bear in mind the same for brass. Just because you react to the one doesn’t mean you’ll react to the other. But it’s good to be aware – so there are no surprises.

I use both metals because they’re robust and not as cost prohibitive as gold (in the instance of brass).

Consider also any Nickel sensitivity you may have. These severity of that will vary from person to person. 

You are likely to already know if you have an allergy. If you do have an allergy to Nickel, but you like one of the existing Totems, email me – I may be able to accommodate you with a nickel-free metal.

General Allergies

I don’t believe this is relevant here for most of us, but wanted to mention it just in case. If you suffer from hyper-sensitivity to a few foods or smoke and perfumes for example, you should be aware of how you may react to brass or copper.

In any case, for all of the above, please email me if you have a concern before you purchase. And please understand that I can’t 100% guarantee the providence of all of the materials I use, and while I take care to source ethical, and natural materials, I can’t be held responsible for any individual reactions you may experience. Please also see my in-depth disclaimer policy.

Thank you for taking care :o)