All resources here are vetted and valued by me. I find it invaluable when people I trust, share what they find works, or worked for them, hence I wanted to share what I find useful too.

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Know that radical honesty is vitally important to how I show up in life.

I’ll only list things I can genuinely see benefiting you — never to just earn the money. That’s why there will be context for each suggestion. In some cases a whole review.

There’s no pressure to like or buy what I share. In fact — you should only decide on a service or suggestion, after you explore at least 3 DIFFERENT points of view. Do that for everything and everyone you follow.

If you have a niggly clarification you want to make — contact me — I’ll do my best to explain my experience. Just bear in mind I’m not the expert — just a customer to the service (like you).