Way Up - Brass Line Ring - 62


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The Story & Feeling

These rings are almost classic in their shape. I enjoy making them in different sizes and multiples of textures. Each one is completely unique – just in keeping with The Journey collection’s ethos.

Each journey is unique and follows its own path. Has it’s own texture. Some are smooth and shiny. Others are gritty ( that’s the matt finish you’ll see in the photos). And some are a mix of grit and shine :o)

You can wear one or a few. And you can wear the same ring as a ring or a Finger Crown ring. Because of its adjustable design – it can fit many different fingers too. Perfect – no?

In the photos, you’ll see a few examples of the sizes and combination of texture.

When you decide to get one – just add a note in your checkout section to tell me what size you want and if you’d like its texture finish to be:

  • all shiny
  • half shiny & half matt
  • all matt

To measure what size to order, take a piece of paper or string, wrap it snugly around that finger. Then mark the circumference and measure it with a ruler. Then tell me the length. Once I have that, I’ll create your own ring – your own Way Up Journey ring :o)


The Super-Powers

OK – so it’s clear – there are no stones here. But the power of all the rings in The Journey collection is that they’re like the stories of our lives.

They are unique, strong, sometimes smooth, sometimes bearing the marks of the occasional “hammering” life gives us. They’re continuous, adjustable, and beautiful from any angle – even upside down.

I called this design Way Up because of its spiral shape that’s always winding upwards.

To me, it’s a reminder to focus on upward progress in life. Not necessarily just the positive stuff, but the perspective and philosophy of always remembering that there is plenty to be grateful for.


The Details (metal, size, care tips)

They’re adjustable – so you can wear them on different fingers depending on what you feel like doing that day. And because the lines are uninterrupted – you can wear them upside down and any way around.

This ring is made from gold-like brass. It’s durable and looks like 14K gold. It’s very comfortable, and its lines are just so positioned as to emphasise and contour the finger.

It will come to you with its private shine cloth so you could refresh it from time to time.

See above for how to measure and order the size and finish you prefer.

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