Sunstone - Pleated Hoop Earrings


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The Story & Feeling

Frankly, this design decided to come up while I was on the toilet one night on my way to bed… I know – too much info.

But I was sitting there (pretty much as usual) with my Vogue collections mag and was nearly sleeping when I saw the earrings featured as part of a Brigitte Bardot storyboard. I can’t say I had a conscious thought of: “this is what I want to take from this design, and I’d like to evolve it like that.”

No – I just had to get out of there and to a pencil and paper… well – you can see the raw (unprofessional) sketch in the storyboard above.

Then came the decision about the type of stone I wanted to use. And seeing I’d just got my first set of Sunstones AND the design was so akin to the Sun… it was another no-brainer :o)

I just LOVE the iridescence of Sunstones! They make you happy no matter what mood you come to them in. I tried to capture some of that in the photos, but there’s nothing like seeing them move in the sunlight.

They really become one with the Sun – there’s no angle that sends you the same colour message – each view is different.


The Super-Powers

Sunstones are believed to bring confident radiance and a wise and motivational presence – especially if you’re looking to help others.

For me, these earrings, mainly via the Sunstones, bring unconditional joy – yes – radiance.

Just like seeing the Sun at any stage of the day! Sunrise, sunsets, and everything in between.

If you want a lightness and a smile in your day – these will not fail you. The slightly larger size serves great for transition between day and night, smart and casual. I know I say this a lot – but genuinely – that’s how I design and make pieces. Multi-functional, versatile – never dull.


The Details (metal, size, care tips)

Each earring sports the power of 15 small Suns (ahem – Sunstones, of course). And their supportive orbits (i.e. the hoops) are 6.5cm long and wide.

The metal is our usual gold-like and reliable brass. It may darken very slightly over time but will come to you with an anti-tarnish bit and its own private cleaning cloth so that you can look after them from time to time.

Please see the Care page for the details of how to enjoy them for longer.

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