Strong - Black Onyx, Moonstone & Gold Quartz Earrings


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The Story & Feeling

One of the very first earrings I made for myself once I’d learned how to hammer a piece of wire were very similar to these – just in bright pink, red and white corals.

I love my pair – and wear them regularly. And someone always compliments them (and is subsequently politely shocked that I made them).

So I’ve been wanting to make these in a different color, but also wanted to see how much I’ve advanced in my craft since. I must say (and it’s not just because you’re listening) these are fab!

The craftsmanship is incomparable. The stones I chose this time were the complete opposite – black, white, and clear. Classic combo.

And then I went for gold AND silver so that you’d never have to choose what other accessories to wear them with – they’ll go with anything :o)

Great to add a bit of play to a serious outfit. Or you could choose to glam up anything for night or day. Even a white T-shirt and jeans with your hair up in a ponytail will scream style with these hearts on.


The Super-Powers

The name – Strong – I chose because of the inherent superpowers of the stones in this set of earrings.

I wanted to combine the mysticism and femininity of Moonstones, with the play play of Gold Rutilated Quartz, and the protective properties of deep, rich black Onyx.

It’s everything you need to FEEL and BE strong.


The Details (metal, size, care tips)

We’ve already mentioned the stones. Each earring has 6 black Onyxes (don’t pick me out on the plural of these pls), 4 Moonstones, and 1 Gold Quartz.

And I’ve used gold-looking brass and silver-plated wire. The brass is hard wearing and looks very similar to 14K gold. Here are some ideas on how to care for your Totems :o)

Each earring is about 8cm long (from the earlier to the bottom), and 6cm wide.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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