Snow Queen - Fresh Water Pearl Earrings


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The Story & Feeling

I had to make these earrings. As with so many of the Totems I make the design follows the stones that attract me. Of course, sometimes it’s the other way around. But the fresh water Pearls of these earrings just “called me out” – as if they had made their minds up – they’d be the stars of the next pair of earrings I made.

Their shapes are MAD and quite different, but similar (that makes no sense until you see them together…) But as pearls typically do – they mesmerize. They are different in different light and angle.

So the design I thought of first, was actually from a set of Murano glass earrings I bought a few years ago in Venice. But the pearls demanded a bit more sophistication. So I adapted the design to what you see now.

I was going to call them Snow Drops – after the perfectly pure flower by the same name. But although they’re beautiful, they’re much more grown up than Snowdrops. They are grand. So I went with Snow Queen instead :o)

The clean lines and shape of the hoops reinforce that stature – perfect poise. You can wear them and just feel GRAND! Whatever you decide that needs to mean in the situation: worthy, present, charismatic, confident, elegant.

How you interpret the feeling you get from them is, of course, up to you. I’m just the maker :o)


The Super-Powers

Again – Fresh Water Pearls are one of my favorite stones to work with, because their shapes tell a story that’s never the same. Even with the same two Pearls, you see something different each time you look!

To me, that’s like the magic of life. There’s always something to look for, to discover, to understand, and to behold.

Pearls are the ultimate feminine and sophistication, not just because they’re pure, regal, and rich, but also because they have many facets – just like a woman – there’s a mystery, and it’ll unfold when it is ready – when IT decides it’s time.


The Details (metal, size, care tips)

The base metal here is brass. It looks just like 14K gold to start with and will wear pretty well. Later (how much later depends on several factors). Please see the Care Tips I have for how to maintain it at its best. It will come to you with a shining cloth that you can use to spruce it up whenever you fancy.

They are 9cm long & about 2cm wide (the width of the pearl that is).

Every Totem deserves a Tiny Little Action Buddy…

It’s a powerful partnership you should know how to use to your advantage. Your favorite piece of jewellery can be a loyal trigger for a new behaviour or mind-state you’ve been wanting to make into a habit. If you haven’t yet had fun with your jewellery and habit making – here’s how to start :o)