Pure – Fresh Water Pearls & Opalite Earrings


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The Story & Feeling

These fresh water pearls and opal earrings actually started with me wanting to use the tiny little fresh water pearls I had purchased a while ago.

I liked the idea of the stones when I saw them online, but when I saw them in person it was LOVE.

They’re unlike any other stone I’ve seen so far (granted there are many I haven’t seen yet).

Each pearl has this purity, strength, and character that’s just unique. An attitude!

I don’t know how Mother Nature packed all this into such a tiny space :o)

So I picked the stones, then decided on the shape of the main part. I wanted clean but flowing lines and ways to showcase each little stone – hence the circles being small but prominent.

The opals at the bottom are dangly – they add movement. Reminding not to take yourself too seriously, regardless of how many little pearls you have on your earrings – haha.

I like the movement of these earrings. It’s multi-dimensional. They’d make you feel like the Queen of any ball (as long as you’re wearing white ;o)


The Super-Powers

To me most semi-precious stones relay a feeling. Maybe that’s why I love working with what they call “tumbled” chip beads. They are all different.

Some don’t trigger any emotion. Some I just love for different reasons.

Pearls – especially these tiny fresh water ones – they relay centeredness. They tend to exude knowing sophistication.

In history pearls are a sign of status, but also of purity, integrity and truth. Ha! Maybe that’s why I like them so much…

Opals are different to me – in terms of the feeling they induce. I see them as mystical, but multidimensional. Unwilling to conform, or to be categorised. Are they white or purply, bluey, yellowy…? Opaque or or transparent?

In history they are used for emotional healing. Wether you believe that or not, you can see how this shifty little stone can capture variable nuances of energy and transform them to something more solid.


The Details

I don’t want to migrate into the spirituality of the stones healing properties too much, because I know we all have different convictions. Plus I’m not qualified to go in depth.

But there’s a visceral, gut connection that happens to each of us when we look at a physical object. That’s what I’m talking about.

What’s the FEELING you get when you look at these earrings as a finished piece? THAT’s that piece’s super-power – the thing that matters.

Of course if on top of that you believe in the stone’s super-power, then it’s a lot more likely you’ll get benefits from them.

Every Totem deserves a Tiny Little Action Buddy…

It’s a powerful partnership you should know how to use to your advantage. Your favorite piece of jewellery can be a loyal trigger for a new behaviour or mind-state you’ve been wanting to make into a habit. If you haven’t yet had fun with your jewellery and habit making – here’s how to start :o)