Play - Pink Corals Finger Lace Ring


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The Story & Feeling

This finger lace ring is the first time when I felt like I’m giving away one of my children when it came to listing it for sale… I had to talk to myself very sternly to let it go.

It’s part of the Abundance collection and it’s just a dream of vivid pinks on copper. It’s full of Play. But because of its interesting deliberate trailing pattern, it shows confidence in your style.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t mind being looked at (for all the right reasons), this ring is for you.

It can smarten up a pair of jeans and a T. Or it can calm down a more “serious” outfit for daytime or a fun night out.

As with all my finger lace rings, the design is seamless, which makes it super versatile. You can wear it on different hands, fingers and in both directions. Go with whatever suits your mood on the day. Variety can be your spice – and the colours are there too.

Cheeky with knowing style – the perfect smart-casual-to-smart accessory :o)


The Super-Powers

This ring has Pink Corals as the base stones. So as playful the design is – the stones’ super-powers are said to bring you feminine energy and stimulate your intuition (which logically goes hand in hand with feminine powers – no?)

Coral comes from the sea, so it’s believed it can be emotionally healing – because of the calming qualities of the water.

Whether you choose to believe this or not, go with what appeals to you visually. I find when it comes to jewelry – it has the power to pull you in emotionally. My explanation to myself is because it comes from nature, and we are of nature – there’s this connection ;o)

Of course, we know the stone by itself isn’t going to solve things. But it’s nice to know the potential super-power on your side and if it matches what you need in your life right now – then it’s an added bonus.


The Details

The base metal I used for this ring is Copper. You’d have heard copper’s charm is that it tarnishes easier than other metals.

How quickly it does that will depend on a few factors. Please see the Care Tips I have for how to maintain it at its best. It will come to you with a shining cloth that you can use to spruce it up whenever you fancy. You could also use a bit of lemon water or gentle soap and water to shine it up when you decide.

As with all my finger lace rings, this one is adjustable, so it will fit any size fingers. It spans 3 fingers (6.5cm across), securing over the first and last fingers – whichever you choose these to be. To check if it will fit your hand, you could measure a string of the same length and wrap it in a similar way.

Every Totem deserves a Tiny Little Action Buddy…

It’s a powerful partnership you should know how to use to your advantage. Your favorite piece of jewellery can be a loyal trigger for a new behaviour or mind-state you’ve been wanting to make into a habit. If you haven’t yet had fun with your jewellery and habit making – here’s how to start :o)