Play - Pink & Candy Coral Earrings


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The Story & Feeling

Yay! This is exciting. It’s the first pair of earrings I’m sharing with the world. Not the first I ever made though.

I’m learning so much about the craft. And I’m learning a lot about myself – a side of me I’d not explored very deeply (because I thought I couldn’t or shouldn’t – but maybe more about this later).

As I mentioned in the storyboard, these earrings came to me as a continuation from another set I was making at the time – a set of hoops. I like the juxtaposition of the circles with the straight up and down the rigidity of the main body of the earring. And then the vivaciousness of the dangling coral at the bottom.


The Super-Powers

Pink corals apparently have a super-power of bringing happy thoughts and hope to the wearer. They strengthen the feminine in you and can be good healing agents.

I am not super versed in the meaning and super-powers of semi-precious stones, but their power has been used for thousands of years, so it’s nice to know a bit about them. Especially considering they come from Mother Earth :o)

I love knowing that besides the feeling I get from looking at the stones – there’s something bigger than me.

The metal is copper, so I expect it will darken a little and create even more character. It’s easy to clean from time to time though, just with a bit of lemon/vinegar water, or a jewellery cleaning cloth.


The Details

I LOVE LOVE the candy pinks. I wouldn’t wear pink for anything else, but for jewellery – somehow it always hooks me.

Somehow they’re playful (hence the name I chose for them) and make me feel happy.
As you can see this the “happy couple” is asymmetrical (perhaps a version of opposites attracting). The longer earring is 9.7cm long and about 2.8cm wide.

I have a relatively short neck and the length is barely whisping by my collarbone, so it should be ok for you. But pls make sure you measure your ear-to-collarbone real estate before you fall in love.

The final bit to consider – the ear wires on these are about 0.8mm thick – so if you have dainty ear piercings proceed with caution.

Copper is also a little more fussy metal. I LOVE the fiery look, but it doesn’t agree with everyone’s body chemistry, so again – consider this before falling head-over-heels.

Now – I’d love to know what you think. I know not everyone likes the same stuff – especially when it’s jewelry. But this is new to me, and I would like to explore more than just my opinion.

That’s all I can think of for now. But if you have other questions that I haven’t addressed please contact my atelier (just kidding) – use my contact form to let me know. I’d be happy to oblige.

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