Fly - Fresh Water Pearl Earrings


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The Story & Feeling

This butterfly-esque shape is as elegant as the real thing. They’re a statement that can’t be missed. The message you want to transmit will depend on your intention.

It can be anything: you may want to say you feel in flow with your world. Or that you’re ready to Fly. You’ll know what they mean to you if they strike a chord.

If you’re bold enough to make them your own, wear them with a complimentary flowy style shirt – something with ruffles or voiles.

Or juxtapose them against a clean t-shirt and jeans. What’s your mood?



The Super-Powers

I love working with these tiny freshwater pearls. They’re difficult to set but when they’re in position – they mesmerise. So small – yet so much individuality and character. Each different from the one next to it.

Fresh water pearls are feminine, gentle, innocent, and regal at the same time – that’s another reason I love combining them with the hard-looking metals. It draws even more attention to their beauty.



The Details (size, materials, care)

The large earring is 11.5cm long and 5cm wide. The stud is just over 0.5cm in diameter.

The base metal here is brass – which is very close looking to 14k gold. It can tarnish a little – making it deeper yellow – like antique gold. But it’s simple to clean with gentle soapy water, and a polish cloth (which they will come with).

Just like with any natural metal jewelry, avoid exposing it to perfumes, deodorants, hairspray, and so on.

You can check out the Care Tips page to see what else you can do to preserve it’s pretty looks for longer :o)

Every Totem deserves a Tiny Little Action Buddy…

It’s a powerful partnership you should know how to use to your advantage. Your favorite piece of jewellery can be a loyal trigger for a new behaviour or mind-state you’ve been wanting to make into a habit. If you haven’t yet had fun with your jewellery and habit making – here’s how to start :o)