Copper Line Ring – 60


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The Story & Feeling

I LOVE making the rings in The Journey collection… They’re the perfect metaphor for their name – seriously.

Each made of a single metal piece. It is COMPLETELY UNIQUE (as in – even if I wanted to make another one like it – I can’t).

Each twist and turn, each hammer mark I’ve knocked into it is done by hand and deliberately. I’ve tried to create harmonious lines that are intriguing AND peace bearing at the same time.

As a jewellery statement – it’s versatile and simple, but strong and attention grabbing. It says you didn’t do the conventional that day. You decided to be bold :o)

I also like the rings in this collection because you can mix and match them with each other, or with any of your other favourite pieces.

The way fashion is at the moment – you don’t even have to be careful of mixing different colour metals. I’ve made a few for myself and I often wear them even at home.

This particular design kind of asked to be made. I had something totally different in mind for it, but as they say – when an idea wants to come out – the creator just needs to facilitate… so I did :o)

The result will no doubt draw someone in. I find that all of the rings in this collection have a very personal pull. You either feel it – or you move on along.

If you get pulled though – there’s a magic that inspires curiosity – and only you are privy to the reasoning behind that. Like a true magician – no?

The Super-Powers

OK – so it’s clear – there are no stones here. But the power of all the rings in The Journey collection is that they’re like the stories of our lives.

They unfold only when you take the first step – when you take that piece of metal and you DO.

You start bending and allowing it to take shape, but you also make the decisions: where to bend next; how much texture to make, or to leave it smooth for that section; which part of the finger to emphasise for it’s beauty or personality, or significance…

They are unique, strong, sometimes smooth, sometimes bearing the marks of the occasional “hammering” life gives us. They’re continuous, adjustable, and beautiful from any angle – even upside down.

The Details (metal, size, care tips)

Each of The Journey line rings is adjustable – so you can wear them on different fingers depending on what you feel like doing that day. And because the lines are uninterrupted – you can wear them upside down and any way around.

This ring is made from copper – which means it will gain even more character as it tarnishes naturally over time. But you could choose to shine it with its private shine cloth it will come to you with.

It’s 2.4cm in both directions, and about 2cm wide, but the width can be adjusted so it fits your finger comfortably.

What it Looks Like in Real Life ;o)


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Copper Line Ring – 60