Angels - Tutti Frutti Earring to Pendant Set*


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*Corals, Opals, Citrines, and Green & Blue Apatites

The Story & Feeling

These are genuinely one of my favorite pieces I’ve produced (if not THE).

Not just because they’re so quirky and colourful, but also because they’re called Angels! It doesn’t get any better…

I mean – words aren’t necessary here. You can see for yourself that these are full of fun and light-heartedness. They’re elegant. They’ll go with any outfit – even a sulky black number. Except you won’t be able to be sulky after that.

In terms of the design – it came to me while wanting to put geometric shapes together and to use different textures and different colour stones.

The shape of an angel kind of appeared when I was positioning the different shapes I’d made. For me a lot of design works on the feeling I get from it. It either feels right, or uncomfortable, or just wrong…

This felt very right, and then I noticed it’s an angel :o)

All the circular structure is made of one uninterrupted piece. Only the triangles are separately cut. And then woven onto the main body.

The little angel on the other earring is a complimentary shape, but clearly not the same.

Each link on that long-chain is hand-cut and linked (and yes – it is quite a long process, but very meditative for me :o)


A little secret, just between you and I…

Right at the end when I’d actually finished the set, I thought – how this being an Angel you might want to also wear it as a pendant sometimes. You know – as a bit of extra protection.

So I tinkered with a few bits here and there, and now you can see on the last and second-to-last photos how the earring hoop detaches from the main body, leaving a flexible loop for you to thread your chain into.

Although it doesn’t come with its own neck chain, it’ll fit most thin gold chains, and it’s light enough to not break it.

What a good idea, Anita!


The Super-Powers

The stones I’ve used here are very varied – so you get a full spectrum not just of fun and colour, but of Super-Powers.

You have pink Corals, pink Opals, Golden Citrines, and green and blue Apatites.

Pink corals are revered for the super-power of bringing happy thoughts and hope to the wearer. They strengthen the feminine in you and can be good healing agents.

The green and blue Apatites say – I’m open to inspiration, so helping you to tap into your intuition and creativity.

Add to that the Super-Powers of Citrines to help you create the world you want, by inspiring your envisioning your goals so you can go after them more effectively.

And finally pink Opals. Oh, those are a whole different story to behold. They have this elegance and creaminess about them. They just whisper with beauty. No wonder their power is said to clear and purify your aura.

I can’t tell you what their combined representative powers are. But I know the one thing that does matter more is how YOU feel when you wear them.

They’re such a strong statement that you have to want to be noticed – in a good way.

More to be noted for having a strong style too :o)

I so so envy you for getting them. I’m definitely not making another pair – these were a total ‘mare to make – very tricky – but so gratifying to see the end result.

I hope you’ll find it in your heart to at least send me a photo on Instagram with them :o)

OK – not to the technical bits.


The Details

The base metal here is brass. It looks just like 14K gold to start with and will wear pretty well. Later (how much later depends on several factors). Please see the Care Tips I have for how to maintain it at its best. It will come to you with a shining cloth that you can use to spruce up the smooth parts. The rest will freshen up with a gentle rinse with soapy water.

The bigger angel is 9.7cm long by 6cm wide, including the hoop if you’re wearing it as an earring. Or 7.4cm long by 6cm wide as a pendant.

The smaller earring is 19.5cm long, and the body is 3.5cm wide and 3cm long (the total length coming to 22.5cm).


What They Look Like in Real Life ;o)

Every Totem deserves a Tiny Little Action Buddy…

It’s a powerful partnership you should know how to use to your advantage. Your favorite piece of jewellery can be a loyal trigger for a new behaviour or mind-state you’ve been wanting to make into a habit. If you haven’t yet had fun with your jewellery and habit making – here’s how to start :o)