My life is my message.

is (reportedly) the response Gandhi gave to a journalist's question, as his train drove away from the platform.

A simple phrase that holds the meaning of why we're each here...

Wether you choose to aim as grand as Gandhi is your prerogative. My invitation to you is to CHOOSE your path intentionally and consciously. Because we have nothing else to focus on, but the value we give, receive, and leave with our lives.

how to discover your core value drivers and signature totems

We already spoke at length about the reason Totems can be a powerful catalyst to inspire your power and purpose.

But YOU are the one that has to define the VALUES that drive you to align that POWER & PURPOSE towards the results you want.

Here is a simple (not necessarily easy) 3-step process to figure your core value drivers.

Do the Core Value Drivers Quiz

A few years ago I had one of those life-forming experiences.

I took an online class on a whim of passion. I was head-over-heels into Michael Jervais' style. I consider him a mentor (unbeknown to him - for now).

He taught me how to get clear on my Personal Philosophy. A deliberate process - simple, but requires conscious effort, some introspection, and a commitment to practice.

I took his method a few steps further and defined my core value drivers in 5 words. 5 words that become the filter and guidelight for everything I value in life.

I kid you not - they're omnipresent. They keep me clear, intentional and integral - true to myself.

Most importantly - they keep me present on my journey (most of the time :o). At any point I feel wobbly I can consult the valued 5 - and zoom back into presence.

That's the more deliberate approach I'm inviting you to try for yourself.

If you feel you're going through life working your butt off to get somewhere. You know you work hard. You apply your everything to get to where you're going. But half the time you're so busy doing and speeding from day to day and project to project, that you don't know, or forget to remember your WHY.

WHY you're doing this life thing. This work thing. This friendship. That marriage. The degree. The business?

Here's a simple and quick (but not necessarily easy way) to get your own power words. To get to zoom-in on what really drives you to BE, DO and FEEL your best.


Then get a piece of paper. This won't hurt a bit ;o)

Step 1: Who do you love, baby? And why?

As in what are the values you hold dear for yourself already?

Or what values you admire in others you respect?

You may already be very clear on what drives your decisions, your outlook on life and how you relate to others. Consider also what you aspire to have as your core values.

Now just write them down. The whole lot.

Step 2: Get clear

Next - go through the list in front of you and decide if all of them need to be there?

Keep only the absolute deal-breakers?

Like - you can't be without those values. You just wouldn't be your best most true to yourself self.

Delete what doesn't need to be there.

Re-list the rest in order of importance - most important first.

See if any of them are actually the same thing. Like love and being kind to living things can be one and the same (in what it means to you).

Or trusting in yourself and trusting in a higher Being - that can be interchangeable depending on the context.

These are values we each hold dear and deep. They're built into us from day one. They sit at our core and drive us. Wether we know them or not -- we are driven!

At each junction they play out in a symphony... casting their votes to define our future AND present. It makes so much sense that we get to know them. It makes sense not to fly on auto pilot, no

Step 3: Make each into a single word

Finally - think of what 3-5 words can represent these values for you?

Choose words that you can identify with under duress.

As Michael frames it: you should be able to recall them under gunpoint in the middle of the night...

You'll know you've got your core value drivers right if when you read them through, you FEEL them as a part of you. As if they're an arm or a leg.

Turn Them Into Your Signature Totems

I ended up with these 5 words:

Love, Trust, Create, Breathe, Buzz.

In the beginning I had to write the short explanations next to each to help me stay clear and internalise their meanings so that they become a solid part of my consciousness.

That's the hard part - to keep them front of mind long enough to become one with them.

But that's when they start paying off.

That's when they provide me with the strength to stay on course, or the self belief to change and trust that I can handle things as they come along. The clarity of why I'm here and where I'm heading - at least for this phase in time.

The calmness to be present with whatever path is unfolding...

These 5 words hold me up like no outside influence can.

So I made them the starter of the Signature Totems Collection. I wanted a way to gift their meanings to you.

There are 5 elegant and simple jewellery types to choose from. Each with a dedicated stone that matches the Super-Powers you want to focus on. This is a great way to have a subtle but daily reminder that's easy to wear. You can layer them on or just wear one at a time.

Over time I'll add more stones as more people discover and share their value drivers with me.

You could be one of the founders :o) Here are the ones that exist so far. Let me know if you want to add a new Signature Totem.

Anita :o)

P.S. This makes me smile... (*image from

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