How to Care for Your Totems

As with all jewellery we can expect that your Tiny Little Totems will also need a bit of TLC from time to time.

Because they’re made from all natural materials, some tarnish may occur depending on the metal type, your local physical environment, how often you wear them, and how well you treat them.

I’m constantly thinking of the practicality of the pieces I make, and the materials I use, to help you enjoy them for longer. And you’ll even find a tiny little polishing cloth included with each piece you fall in love with and buy.

So together – I’m pretty sure we can make this TLC thing a doddle ;o)

Below are some tips on how to make them shine again, and how to help them stay shinier for longer.

Wearing Your Totems

This will go the longest way in keeping them “fresh“, because they are natural materials and they don’t take to harsh chemicals or detergents very well.

To protect your totems from sometimes permanent damage, don’t wear them in sea water. Avoid washing your hands too often with them (I know you can’t avoid that altogether).

Definitely avoid doing any cleaning work or using hand sanitiser on them.

Treat them as you would a plant – more or less, as they are natural materials and have no protective chemical coating on them (a good thing IMHO).

Cleaning Your Copper

Copper tends to tarnish the most through oxidation. A lot of the times that’s its actual charm – you know what I mean.

If yours goes darker than you’d like however, use the little polishing cloth I sent you with your Totem. 

If you need a little more help (it really depends on your environment – especially if you live near a sea/ocean), use a microfibre cloth with some lemon-water mix or vinegar-water mix. Test on a small hidden area first, then do the rest if the tester works to your satisfaction.

Cleaning Your "Gold"

As I’ve mentioned – I use brass instead of gold for my gold-looking pieces. 

This is because it is harder-wearing and of course it allows you to own a piece that looks stylish, but doesn’t bear the price tag of gold.

This will tarnish very slowly. Let’s say you’re more likely to get bored of your Totem before it tarnishes… 

But in case you need to clean yours, use the little polishing cloth I sent you with your Totem.

Cleaning Your Silver

The material I use with your silver Totems is something called Silver Filled material. Which means that it’s not solid silver through and through. It is usually brass or copper base metal covered with a good thickness real silver.

For you – this means it will not tarnish easily, unless you scuff it against something quite seriously. 

Otherwise at most you may need to use the little polishing cloth I sent you with your Totem.

The Beauty of Handmade...

A word on nicks, bends, and tiny imperfections…

While I do harden the metals when I make the pieces, bear in mind these are handmade and not treated or machine manufactured, so some miss-shaping may occur as you wear them longer.

This is normal. 

Just gently ease the piece back into its original shape. I’m also here to help with tips if something proves too challenging. Generally speaking you shouldn’t have any issues – I just feel I need to make you aware.

In the same “awareness” raising frame – keep in mind sometimes you will see tiny tool marks. These are usually (if ever) near invisible.

I inspect each piece before sending it out to you. 

But maybe your site is 40/40 ;o) So just keep in mind these will bear some marks of the handmade nature that makes them one-of-a-kind-piece that no one else will ever own. 

It’s a small trade-off I hope…

On the whole, please contact me if you are stuck with any of your caregiving :o)

Enjoy your pieces and wear them with gusto and confidence.