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How to Optimise Your Sleep – Quick Start Guide

Optimise Your Sleep - Quick Start Guide

Today is a watershed moment for us. We’re breaching our first pillar topic here on TinyLittleActions.

Yes – we’re committed to taking deliberately small steps to achieve compounded improvements, but as with everything else in life – each component operates as part of some system, within a bigger system, and so on.

Said simply – no one aspect of a fulfilling life flourishes or disintegrates in isolation.

So our aim with these broader topic discussions is to give you a single place on a big subject, that will branch out into the component = Tiny Little Actions posts, giving you a specific way to make theory a reality in your own setup.

Naturally – these pillar posts will be a lot lengthier. But we’ll try to make them as easy to ‘consume’ as possible in the interest of enabling action (and preventing overwhelm).

However, your role will be as important here as always – it’ll be up to you to exercise self-restraint and only focus on the TLA you’re willing AND able to execute on at the moment. Not something you wish you had the time, resources, and desire for.

We’ve laid out the TLA Method for you already, so you can either take that and go it alone (some of us like to do that). Or you can signup for the Done-With-You 7-day version to learn with a little more help and clarification.

We’ll call these longer and broader discussions – Quick Start Guides.

Because they will be a comprehensive immersion in a topic, but they will only give you the M.E.D. (Minimum Effective Dose). And a clear order of execution.

So yes – the post will look big, but it’ll be well marked for you to use as you need a specific section. When you feel you’ve done enough of a step, you can choose to move on to another TLA.

Now shall we…

Broad basics and then just-in-time specifics

If you’re truly interested in improving your life, it’s a good idea to have broad knowledge of the most important processes your wellbeing depends on. AND to have a basic understanding of how they fit into your life’s system.

Because as Scott Adams will say – it’s ‘loserthink’ to try to optimise an area in your life withtout considering the knock-on effects – positive or negative.

Beyond the broad basics, you should look to chunk down to TLAs. An M.E.D. that you can execute on, and WANT to execute on (want = urgency, which is a big factor here).

This is not a scientific geek-out session

It’s important to point out that if you’re looking for referenced research studies and proof with multiple experts’ name-drops, as a whole, will not scratch that itch.

Not because we’re not working with scientifically viable interventions, but because we focus on the actionable stuff that has brought and continues to bring results. We will, however, point you in the direction of several in-depth resources you can totally geek out with on your own time.

What to expect from this Quick Start Guide

As mentioned – we’ll cover the most significant parts of how to get optimal sleep most of the time.

We’ll cover them in order of priority – the most return on energy investment first.

Then the rest of the stuff that you may only decide to do if you get really really into the topic. In other words – the nice to-dos and the things to try if you’ve done the basics but still your sleep quality is less than what you’d be happy with.

We obviously can’t write it all at once (which is kind of ok as it will force you to pace yourself). So we’ll list the topics below, and each week when a new topic is published we’ll link to it from here.

At the end of the 2 months or so we’ll spend on the subject of sleep, you’d be able to come back here and feast on anything sleep-related that matters to you.

That’s the plan :o)

The topics:

  • Your sleep mindset – how you see this journey of optimising your sleep is the most important thing to get right. Depending on your beliefs about sleep and the process of getting it just-so, you’ll either succeed or give up.
  • Your sleep environment – Biggest wins first: set-it-and-forget-it TLAs to create your ultimate sleeping environment. And we’re not just going into your bedroom…
  • Your sleep routine (or ritual) – the things to consider doing in the 1.5 to 2 hrs before bed that will regulate your entire existence. That’s right – getting these 1.5hrs right consistently will elevate the other 22.5 hrs you have left…
  • How to track, troubleshoot & optimize your sleep quality for continuous best results. Knowing how to self regulate on a given topic is true knowledge.
  • The other stuff you should know that affect your sleep but have most likely not heard of or considered as connected. These can be big or small wins depending on your individual body’s setup. Some of these will not just fix your sleep, they’re likely to make you just happier to be alive :o)
  • The most reliable and impactful resources we know of on sleep, supported and explained by world experts: articles, interviews, books, videos, tools etc… This section comes with a warning! It encourages you to deep-dive into the topic, should we manage to fire you up on how critical good sleep is to your wellbeing :o) 

Your input, opinions, and participation is critical

Not just because there’s no point for us writing all this if it’s not helping you. But also because we want to make this the best Quick Start Guide (Q.S.G.) on sleep there’s ever been.

So if you find a missing piece – something we could or should do better, please contact us and we’ll take it on board.

Likewise – if you read our Q.S.G. and you find it sexy, and you get all hot and bothered about the topic, but do nothing to make shit happen, then you’ve wasted your time and our trust in you.

And of course – if you’re unsure of how or where to get started, check out the TLA Method page (clear steps outlined there, for free). Also, drop us a line so we can help.

Anita :o)

P.S. Never lose your colour & shine…

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