Hey – I’m Anita!

… good to meet you virtually :o)

I find writing about myself weird. No – make that painful. In fact it’s the hardest part about going public online nowadays. It feels indulgent, but also makes me think “who cares”. But you wanted to know a little about the “person behind the scenes”… and why tinylittletotems.com exists, so here we go – I’ll try and keep it interesting :o)

I’m a Personal Change Catalyst by mindset and nature. 


Well — it’s a fancy title I gave myself because for about 16+ years, I’ve been helping business owners (Creators like you and me) to figure out how to take the one next step towards creating the wellbeing results they seek in their life.

These results can be in behaviours in business, mindset, health, fitness, whatever they need to enjoy their life’s work more, and for a lot longer.

Now, this will seem like a total disconnect from jewellery design and making, but bear with me — the purpose behind my broad background turns out — is all the same:

My mission is to help you realise that taking care of yourself IS and MUST be a priority for you.
That finding a way to show up how YOU want to show up in the world, can be fun, beautiful and simple. And it can't wait for "the stars to align" or for your "schedule to be less busy".

The "right time" is right now! And you can start that change with just one tiny little action - the one that seems most urgent for you right now.

You can find out more about how to use your Jewellery to inspire a new habit or a mind-state change you’ve been wanting to master, at my dedicated site AnitaChaperon.com. It’s a simple 4-step method (for free) that shows you a fun way to create a life you love waking up for – in a way that fits with your schedule.

Oh! And also – I want to get you to see that you are SO worth the effort!

Because too many of us (womenpreneurs) fall victim to our passion to serve others, at the expense of personal time, and eventually health and wellbeing, and life satisfaction.

I don’t mean this in a dramatic, rebellious kinda’ way. I mean it in a “wake up to the present moment, and make sure you are doing and feeling the way YOU chose to” way. It took me a little while to “wake up” to this idea too (I’m writing this at the ripe young age of 45).

Then jewellery found me...

It turns out, it had been looking for me for about 25 years… (that’s roughly when I first wanted to become a jewellery designer, but settled for designing my engagement ring instead, and then fast forgot about it). 

At that time I couldn’t afford to do the conventional degree route. So I did the smart thing and got myself into graphic design and typography instead (that’s what they called it back then).

Fast-forward to today’s beautifully opportune climate – and here I am – loving my craft :o)

My jewellery (or Totems) the physical representation of my passion for living with purpose, beauty and love, and carving my own unique path through life – every day – one tiny little step at a time.

I LOVE making these for you. It’s a totally immersive experience that makes me lose track of time. 

Totally one-of-a-kind.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, not just because I can’t do the same thing twice, but also the materials I use are rough cuts so no two are alike. And the designs usually come to me from a cocktail of ideas, so you’re definitely in for a bespoke treat.

Feel free to explore all the Totems. A good place to start if you’re new is on the page by that name  All Totems. That gives you the full spectrum of choice – hopefully one will “speak” to you, and you can take it home ;o)

Final quick fire about me: I’m an efficiency junkie. A problem-solver. A lifelong learner, but more significantly a DO-er (secretly I’m also a dancer :o)

My guiding mindset stems from this famous quote from my favorite book (The Little Prince):

It is with the heart that one sees rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

I’m so glad you’re here — welcome. 

Stay in touch (via the social icons in the header). And never downplay the significance of YOU — the amazingly complex breathing, feeling, thinking, dancing (or singing) system that you are.

Anita :o)