What's Tiny Little Totems?

Tiny Little Totems is about reconnecting with the essence of who you are. What drives you, and what makes you happy.

Then giving yourself the permission and the "tools" to honour that, and to create your life to get the most out of it. The most love, fulfilment, joy, success - whatever you place value on - at any one point on the path.

Here's how I propose you do this - it's a simple (not so magic) formula:

How Tiny Little Totems Works

This is the process of LIVING a life, as opposed to surviving it.

It's the art of being the Director-Actor of your life's movie. It's about understanding your strengths and weaknesses, how to play the game, and then rig it as much as feasible, to your advantage, at the expense of no one :o)

Because it's impossible to have a life of constant happiness. That's not what real life is made of.

REAL LIFE has cycles. Cycles of give and take. Ups, downs, segues and U f'ing turns.

The whole load.

A well lived life takes those into account, and works WITH them to create equilibrium overall. A life you enjoy!

Some people call it balance. I say it's like a good surf session.

There are waves. You know they're there.

Some waves play nice and you're flying with joy and gusto - king or queen of them waves :o).

Some waves are nasty. They take you under. Make you eat sand, swallow water, and then if you "play along", they spit you out on the other end, less afraid of the next big monster...

and then there are the moments - floating in peace waiting for the next ride...

You're out there alone and you know what you're in for. You know each stage has its purpose. You don't get good doing just the one phase and avoiding the tough rides. This makes it both exciting and scary. And you keep riding on...

Tiny Little Totems is my way of creating a safe space, where you can bring your whole self.

To have the freedom to examine what's working and honour it. Or to discover what could work better, and use the Tiny Little Actions method to change what you're not happy with.

The Tiny Little Actions method (coming soon) is exactly what it says - a way to create what you want in your life in small incremental, focused efforts. Pick what's most important or appropriate for you now. Create it. Move on to the next most important thing.


The bonus I add to the create-your-best-life process is jewellery!


You heard me right :o)

Let me explain: I LOVEEEEE making jewellery.

It's totally liberating and all consuming for me. I only make one of a piece - mostly because once I've conquered a design (i.e solved that problem) I am ready to conquer the next - hey ho!

Jewellery also happens to be a time tested and proven way of passing on, or anchoring and immortalising a message.

You could have the message literally inscribed on the jewellery, or you could give it meaning and internalise that each time you pick up that piece.

You can gift the message to yourself or significant others. And you can almost always (in fact I can't think of instances when you won't) feel good or happy about wearing it.

So I figured it's a great way to keep yourself focused on what you want to achieve at any given stage, and have fun doing it. Feel beautiful. Feel empowered and in control.

Why should creating the life you want and love be a serious, lacklustre grind?

So the jewellery - that's the Tiny Little Totems part of the equation above. And you'll find them in the Shop (in the top nav).

Each Totem is unique and handmade with love by me.

All natural materials, that create a wearable piece you will not see on another person. But also a piece of jewellery you love and can use as a reminder (an anchor and trigger) for the thing you've decided to focus on - just like you'd use a totem or a talisman.

Sure - a Totem can be anything: A thought. A sound. A smell. A feeling. A method of dealing with life. A person... or a persona. Heck - even an old pair of pants (under-pants) can have the power to make you a super-hero tennis player ;o)

It matters not what its manifested shape is. A Totem is always a trigger to re-focus your consciousness on what matters to you... in THIS moment.

IT being a piece of jewellery you love, is about giving yourself the permission to feel beautiful, strong, and worthy -- because YOU ARE!

With Presence, Purpose & Love

As we agreed - life is full of twists and turns. We all know that on an intellectual level.

And if you're smart enough you eventually learn not only how to navigate them, but also how to surf each one: celebrate and enjoy the highs, while accepting and learning from the lows (sharpening your "saw")...

In essence you learn how to stay fluid within THAT ocean. To be aware of its currents and take care.

To always be PRESENT enough to know which "shit sandwich" is yours to eat, and which has just been sneaked into your lunchbox by someone else's inability to cope.

To be PRESENT enough to give yourself the choice of not just being a pawn, but to create MEANING: for self, for family and kiddos, our pets, our parents, our businesses, or jobs and careers...

Because, when sadness, hardship, hard work, or love and joy have a meaning - they're woven into the fabric of our life. They make our STORY worthwhile.

When you live with presence, you create meaning.

You allow yourself to focus on the things that matter to you at the time. You rig your environment to make it easier to remember your commitment, and to show up consistently enough to make that commitment a success.

Smart people succeed not by working harder, but by making it easier to show up consistently.

Add to that the final component - LOVE.

Because, when you do things with love (meaning with compassion AND passion), you're creating your best life. A worthy, meaningful, contributory life.

Love for yourself - because you know and understand your system. And love for others - because only when you truly love yourself, you can do good by others too.

But in order to keep your sanity and your heart in the process, you need to take one small step at a time. That's the only way to keep the focus you need, to be able to design your own path.

Focus on what's most important now. Make that change a reality. Then only, move to the next important change. And understand that this is a journey not a project.

It's not a diet you do once, and when you stop the effects just stay with you.

It's more like having to eat to stay alive. You can't do it once, and then not do it again...

TinyLittleTotems is about helping you stay consistent, and delivering on your promises to yourself.

Building that self belief and giving yourself the power to do the next thing, by using two components:

1. A tried and tested methodology (Tiny Little Actions - coming soon...),

2. And an age old tradition of using physical objects (Tiny Little Totems) as a reminder of the commitment you've made and want to focus on.

An yes - beautiful jewellery CAN help you BE and DO anything you set your mind to :o)

There Are No Results Without Consistency

But consistency is the KEY.

It's the SECRET POTION most people won't tell you about, because they don't know how to "bottle it up" and gift (or sell) it to you.

To an extent you have to do that for yourself.

Each potion is bespoke.

It's unique to you -- at this moment in time.

Because when you know the method of making your potion - you can flow within the ocean and take each wave as it comes. Always coming out the other end stronger. Better off.

You can figure out your unique recipe by getting clear on what your core drivers are in life. What makes you THINK, FEEL, SAY, and DO in life?

We all have these drivers that are part of the fabric of our system. We may or may not know them. But we have them. And they ARE driving us...

SO - Here's My Invitation To You

Do you know what drives you day-to-day?

What guides your decisions?
What gets you out of bed?
What gets you out of a funk? What gets you to be at your best?

Do you know how to turn yourself on?

For YOU?
For the people you love? And the people you've chosen to serve with your business?

Can you do it when it matters?

Let me show you what I mean >>

Anita :o)

P.S. Tiny Little Totems (TLT) is from my heart, but not about me. But in case you're interested in the person behind the scenes, here's a small version of my journey.

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