Hey – I’m Anita!

Anita Chaperon (Mindvalley, Costa Rica, 2015)

A very unflattering (but genuine) pic of me presenting at Mindvalley, Costa Rica, 2015

… good to meet you virtually :o)

NOTE: This page will get deep and broad. A bit indulgent I know. But you wanted to know the “person behind the scenes”… If you just want the lighter About version — here it is :o)

I’m a Solutions Catalyst by mindset and nature. Huh?!

Well — it’s a fancy title I gave myself. Which came about because for most of my business ownership life (16+ years), I’ve been helping business owners (Creators like you and me) to figure out how to take the next Tiny Little Action towards creating the results they seek in their life right now.

These results can be in business, mindset, health, fitness — wellbeing in general. Whatever they need to enjoy their life’s work more, and for a lot longer.

Now, this may get a little complicated-looking, but bear with me — the purpose behind my broad background turns out is all the same:

My mission is to help you realise that taking care of your business (as a Creator), means also taking care of the Business of YOU! The business of the real, breathing, feeling and thinking human — the full package and complex system.

Because too many of us fall victim to our passion to serve others. Our businesses consume our every waking hour, at the expense of family and personal time and health.

But NOW more than ever — you can’t afford to split your business from your wellbeing. They occupy the same pool of 24 hours. They draw on the same set of resources — focus, vitality, energy, time, willpower.

That’s why, here at Tiny Little Totems I’ll go BROAD!

I mean… really, even I wonder how I’m ever going to make it make sense to you in one place…

On one end of the spectrum, you’ll find out how to use a simple but powerful method to create ANY change you desire for yourself. You can learn the method once, then apply it as many times as you need to through life and work.

You’ll hear me talk (and write) about wellbeing and mindset upgrades you can implement for yourself as and when you see the need.

And you’ll also see the challenges and wins and failures I go through, as I progress with a brand new path my life has taken.

That brand new path is my jewellery collection/s (or jewelry for those of you in the USA) — the physical representation of my passion for living with purpose and carving your own path through life.

You’ll see beautiful inspiring, empowering, indulgent jewellery that you can gift yourself or others — which will represent a specific meaning you hold dear to you right now.

You can get one now, then another, and another — as you see fit.

I LOVE creating these Tiny Little Totems for you. It’s a totally immersive experience that tallies up every step I’ve taken to date as a business owner, wellbeing warrior, and a person.

Because Things Are Changing

As I write this in early 2020 — things are VERY obviously changing!

COVID-19 has single-handedly turned our collective and individual worlds around in a way none of us could have imagined.

They say nothing unites people like a common enemy. “They” are totally right.

And while things will change for the worse first, it’s up to each of us to decide where to take our future after the crisis is over…

The truth is — things will keep changing, and the pace of change will get unimaginably faster.

So the responsibility is ours.

If you don’t know that by now, find a way to believe it ASAP, because like it or not, no one’s coming to save you… except you.

That’s a GOOD THING!

But Change is HARD.

It makes us feel we have to give up what we love.

With every change there’s a loss.

Our primal brain will do anything to cling on to the safety of the familiar. No matter how wrong we know a situation is for us intellectually. No matter how painful the current familiar cesspit is…

All I’m trying to say is that change is a constant. You escape change when your life is done.

So it makes sense that you try to understand its message to you personally.

Approach it with the curiosity of a child, and the excitement of opening presents on your birthday.

Allow change to re-connect you to what truly matters, and genuinely drives you to keep showing up in your business and in life.

Then learn to trust that you ARE STRONG ENOUGH to handle whatever lessons it brings.

And Now Here’s a Little Bit of Me…

I’m a Creator like you.

I’m a productivity junkie. A problem-solver. A lifelong learner AND a do-er. Secretly also a dancer :o)

My guiding mindset stems from this famous quote from my favorite book:

“It is with the heart that one sees rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

I also love designing and creating things with my hands.

I’ve always loved it.

But somewhere along the way life and necessity took me in different directions. For a long time I searched for “the one thing” I’m meant to be, or do, or immerse myself in…

Haven’t found it… And am no longer looking… in that way!

Instead I’ve amassed a broad knowledge-base, and an insatiable appetite for learning and discovering.

With 16+ years experience in co-running our business (and 22+ years in the health and fitness space). I know the challenges we face, daily, monthly, annually as business owners.

I’ve worn the “hats” of a fledgling business owner, and the ones we have to learn to wear later if we want to stay at our best.

I’m passionate about creating clarity out of complex topics and simplifying them to make them easy to “digest“.

I’ve been a graphics and prints designer. A marketing and a project manager for legal tech companies in London. And I’ve had the absolute adventurous pleasure of working for an online gaming company as their paid search advertising manager (many moons ago).

I’m a certified Tiny Habits and Bulletproof Coach (although I’m legally required to call myself Human Potential Coach for the latter).

I’ve helped many Creators shift how they look after themselves through some of our programs at the Tiny Little Businesses Academy.

… And I did get a Fitness Instructor’s diploma yonks ago in London.


I’ve developed a broader-than-average knowledge base on the wellbeing topic — very much through necessity. And now I’m sharing what I learned (and continue to learn), in tiny little (bite-sized) action-focused chunks that fit into your lifestyle with minimal distraction.

Which BTW is the only effective way to create your healthstyle.

Most importantly though, I do what I love!

When I’m not learning or catalyzing (it IS a word – Google it ;o) — I sew, workout, SUP (in the bay of Gibraltar).

And I LOVE food. I either cook, enjoy, or seek to find great and healthy, food that makes me happy (and naturally something good to drink with it).

But enough about me, me, me, me, me…

I’m so glad you’re here — welcome. Stay in touch. And never downplay the significance of YOU — the amazingly complex breathing, feeling, thinking, dancing (or singing) system that you are.

Anita :o)

Anita Chaperon

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