Look with your eyes. Pick with your heart.

Because jewellery should bring you joy every day.
It should channel your mood du jour. It should express the wonders of YOU. It should , inspire and support the way YOU want to show up in this world :o)

Each Totem on TLT is one-of-a-kind (partly 'cause I can't do the same thing twice). But mostly because the core materials I use are all natural -- from the Earth. The stones are all semi-precious. Weird shapes. Big and tiny. Some with flaws. All perfect in their weirdness...

In a way, they're the ideal analogy of us (humans) on our journey through life.

Each stone has healing properties and protective powers that have been trusted, revered and used for thousands of years, by a large chunk of humanity.

I call them Super-Powers :o)

So when a Totem piece, or its stone/s speaks to you -- it takes on the meaning that YOU need.

Its beauty is truly in its reflection of what YOU need right now. Its power is from nature and from the connection you felt.

Your innate intelligence will guide you, sometimes even without your consent.

Start with choosing one Totem, or pick many.

Choose for yourself, or gift a Totem to someone you value.

Or both...

You hold the rules of this "game" ;o)

I'm just here to help inspire you.

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